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UI | UX | Identity Design

Get It Together is an all-in-one application for the whole family. It is a personal calendar, shared calendar, extracurricular organizer, meal planner, grocery list all-in-one convenient application. The entire family can access and contribute under one family hub keeping everyone in the loop. 


Adobe Illustrator | Adobe XD

Problem Statement

Busy families need a comprehensive solution to keep the whole family informed, on track and accountable with daily events and activities to make everyday run as smoothly as possible.

Target Audience

Our users are busy families from all walks of life, from age five to adult. Get It Together is geared towards anyone who needs a little more organization in their life with the help of this all-in-one application. 


Primary and secondary research was conducted through searching for direct and indirect competition. We downloaded all that were applicable and tested their usability. We also looked through the comments and feedback left by users within the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to find out what users liked and disliked.
A survey was also conducted with 15 adults above the age of 25 with one or more children between the ages of 0-13.

User Testing and Feedback

Five target audience users tested the mid-fidelity prototype in a one-hour in-person session followed by completing a feedback questionnaire. 

Positive Feedback

  • Easy to use

  • Great for organization

  • Intuitive layout, that is easy to navigate

  • Like that everything is in one app

  • It is convenient to use anywhere and everywhere

Constructive Feedback

  • Adding submit buttons to all pop-up style menus to give visual feedback that information has been input

  • Simplify “add list”  to just one popup instead of many. Fewer steps make it more efficient

  • Allow task and other titles on the main page to be clickable 

  • Allow the date in the calendar to be clickable to quickly add events

  • Lists layout is a bit too small for inputting and checking off items

Visual Identity

The colour palette to the left will be used throughout the application to ensure a consistent and uniform look. The colours included are coral, navy, shades of green and grey. Coral emanates invigorating warm energy; Navy blue symbolizes strength and power; green adds a fresh and uplifting feel; grey is grounding and timeless. Navy and coral were chosen for the icon as these particular shades provide a nice contrast. The icon itself consists of two elements, a calendar and a knot. The knot symbolizes the connection and bond between the family members using the application. It also plays on the act of putting a string around your finger to help you remember something. 

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